POWER is a moddable multiplayer FPS.

Our community can create, share, and play endless content using the full power of Unreal Engine 4.

Programming: Kevin Bikhazi.
2D/3D Art: Abel Korsmit.


NETBLAST is a 2D free-to-play online arena-shooter.

Currently Netblast offers two game modes as follows:

Deathmatch (DM):
Up to four players can join a map and whoever gets 10 kills first wins.

Team Deathmatch (TDM):
Up to four players, divided into 2 teams, and first team that gets 10 kills wins.

We are strongly influenced by Quake 2 multiplayer deathmatch (i.e. simple, fast paced, action packed, and fun).  Our ultimate goal is to create an eSports competitive game with people playing professionally against each other in tournaments and arenas around the world.

Netblast can be played on a local network (e.g, home or office) or between computers in different areas of the world over the Internet.

The engine was built from scratch in C++ so that we could add the most advanced and compelling features as quickly as possible.

Programming: Kevin Bikhazi.
Pixel Art: Abel Korsmit.
Sound Design: Juhani Junkala.

Season of Arena

Season of Arena is a tactical turn-based arena fighter game.

Programming: Jeron Paraiso
Pixel Art: Abel Korsmit
Sound: Jeddycup


This is our entry for Ludum Dare 39

A spaceman drank a little too much and needs a ride. Luckily his SpaceLyft is ready to save the day. Watch out for space mites and keep an eye on that power meter! And remember… death is inevitable.

Check in-game instructions and have fun!


Pixel Art – Abel Korsmit
Music/SFX – Juhani Junkala
Lead Programming – Jeron Paraiso
Lead Programming – Bas Korsmit
Support Programming – Kyle Eppard


Step into the world of Tonotopy and create your own musical composition.

Tonotopy is a musical game that visualizes the creative proces of making music. As a player you begin in the ‘Heart room’, where the heart beat forms the basis for each piece of music. From there you can enter in a number of body parts to search the right tunes and finally compose your piece of music.

You choose and add sounds from various instruments, such as the hi-hat, kick drum, snare drum, solid base and gamelan, until your melody is complete. At that moment a new body part or level is freed up. The game ends when you have collected the last sounds. After that you can save your musical composition and listen to it as a mp3 player or online on the community website.

For more info go to www.tonotopy.nl

Programming: Bas Korsmit
Art & Game Design: Abel Korsmit
Sound Design: Rob van Rijswijk