“What is your drive?”

In the same spirit in which Alfa Romeo passionately claims the highest-level technology, Project DNA+ strives to inject new life into the car experience by creating a mobile application that manages communication, performance, and information according to the driver’s activities.

The application automatically or manually controls different activities or “Drives” and shares it with the great Alfa Romeo eco-system. This includes monitoring and storing personal daily activities and drives, acquiring location-based information through the Alfa Romeo social network, and managing communication with your mobile device.
This interaction design proposal is my final thesis at Domus Academy Milan.


The Void is an ecosystem for collecting and sharing special memories.

Using an IPad application, users create compositions of media that reflect their memories. These are interpreted as unique and beautiful 3D objects through a reversible algorithmic process, becoming containers for the memories that created them. Users create collections of these artifacts, which are clustered together in a communal 3D WunderKammer space called “the Void”, loosely based on the metaphor of sub-atomic space.

The void is both a place to store artifacts and explore those of others. Artifacts can be shared with others internally and externally in a variety of ways, including the possibility to fabricate the object in precious materials as a physical memento.

This interaction design proposal was a collaboration with:
Jessica Bala (Poland)
Roman Klemencov (Lithuania)
Charles Lee-Thorp (South-Africa)

For this project I worked on:
UI, UX, visual design, concept design.

You can find online documentation < HERE >
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“Triacouch” is an interactive installation, somewhat a tool enabling temporary, easy access to the CouchSurfing community.

Placed in the public domain, we believe new members can be reached, and the fear of meeting a stranger could be overcome.
The installation is to be seen as way of linking active members and non members. To achieve this, the “Triacouch” set up is made of modular furniture and communication mediators, crossing the web and physical world. Each active member gets designated to a puppet in the installation, which serves as a mediator. The visitors can establish live communication with the active members, or between each other, by playful exploration of the puppets and furniture feature.

Just pick up a puppet and try a couch!
In collaboration with:
Stefanija Najdovska, Gozde Elbeyli

In this project I worked on:
UI, UX, visual design, concept, product design.

You can find a online documentation < HERE >
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