Hello, my name is Abel korsmit,

and I am a quiet and humble interlocutor with strong communication skills. I am a Teamplayer and can work well independently. I take initiative and I am result and solution orientated. I am eager to learn and I want to continue to develop myself.


After my bachelor degree at the Design Academy Eindhoven (Man & Communication), I was awarded a scholarship to study for a year in Milan at the Domus Academy. There I broaden my knowledge and experience in Interaction Design, Design Methodology and System Design.


I moved to Argentina where I lived and worked for one year. I was working as freelance designer on logos, websites, brand identities and designing objects made from local materials.


In 2012 I returned to the Netherlands where I worked for several companies as freelance designer.
I build several WordPress sites and designed a platform for a virtual museum. For this platform I combined different kinds of media and technologies like RFID, Kinect, mobile app and website.


– Working within a team
– Sharing knowledge and experience
– Result orientated
– Brainstorm together about solutions
– Flexibility
– Growth opportunities
– Education and training